The wholesale and retail market

LLC " Garant ENERGY » has the ability to supply electricity and power to its customers in the wholesale and retail electricity markets .

wholesale power market - it's sphere of turnover - electric power installed capacity - within the framework of the Unified Energy System of Russia within the borders of a single economic space in the Russian Federation with the participation of major producers and consumers of electricity and power , as well as other persons who have received the status of a wholesale market and operating on the basis of market rules , approved in accordance with the Federal law "On Electric Power Industry" by the Government of the Russian Federation.

retail market for electricity - is the sphere of circulation is the wholesale electricity market with electricity consumers .

nexus between the wholesale and retail markets are energy organizations such as LLC " Garant ENERGY » and providers of last resort - the wholesale market . These organizations buy electric energy and power on the wholesale market and sell it on the retail market.

activities of suppliers of regulated by the state - the cost of electric energy sold by them in the retail market can not exceed the maximum price determined on the basis of the payment of a supplier in the wholesale market, the cost of infrastructure services and networks and sales increment of a supplier .

cost of electric energy sold retailing companies such as LLC " Garant ENERGY » , is not regulated by the state, but directly depends on the cost of electricity of a supplier in a particular region of the Russian Federation.

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